Coaching Levels & Pricing

I keep an open approach when working with each cyclist.

Each rider has his or her own reasons for riding or racing.  What works for one cyclist will not necessarily work for another. That’s why PioneerCoaching builds each training program around the specific needs, abilities, and time allowances of each athlete.  Understanding the needs of each athlete when creating and adapting any training schedule is crucial for the development and success of each athlete at Pioneer Coaching.

The programs are designed with the individual athlete in mind, and the workouts are specifically geared to needs of the athlete.  I meet with every athlete before beginning any program. This helps determine which program would benefit the athlete the most, and it also lets me understand the individual needs of each athlete.  It’s at this time that we begin assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete, how to approach the racing season, and when and how we should approach performance peaks during the season. 


I am is a Certified USAC Level 2 cycling coach with over 10 years experience coaching elite cyclists. Whether you use a power meter, heart rate monitor, or nothing other than perceived exertion, I am fully qualified to create training plans to improve your performance.

If you have any questions about the Programs that Pioneer Coaching provides, please feel free to contact me at

Pioneer Coaching Program

  • Intake Meeting and Initial Assessment
  • Premium Client account on TrainingPeaks
  • Data Analysis and Weekly Feedback
  • Advanced Coaching Plans, adjusted as needed
  • CompuTrainer Testing (2x)
  • Email & Phone Communication
  • Race Advice and Strategy Provided
  • Strength & Weight Training Plan
  • 200 $ / month, plus 50 $ start up
  • no monthly commitment