Cycling began for me in University (1990) when I bought a bike to commute from home to classes. Since I also needed work, I got a job at a local bike shop and thus began my apprenticeship. I was cajoled into racing when the manager, who thought I had potential, gave me a day off work and told me to go race a local beginner event. It went well and I was quickly addicted. I raced MTB for half a dozen years, competing as an Expert.

 It was fun, but a recent trip to France and seeing the Tour de France (1995) first hand had me rethinking what else there was to do on a bike. I quickly bought a steel frame Eddy Merckx and started racing the road. After a few years of this, I felt I had to move on.

So, for several years I went on extended bike tours, lasting from several months to several weeks. These were occasionally alone and sometimes with friends, but always self-supported, with full panniers and a tent. I got to see a lot of the continent and learned how to ride and ride and ride -- in any condition and at any time.

Eventually, I met my wife to be, and she brought me back to the racing fold. She was always a competitive athlete and she was looking to win some bike races. After some initial success with another coach, she convinced me to start coaching her. This was my first, and unintentional, client (2007).

To help her succeed, I referenced back to my own training years ago, and started to study, take classes, and earn certifications for coaching. I felt an obligation to make sure that I was qualified to coach her. To make sure that she had the best chance to succeed.

She did very well and within a year and a half she was a Cat. 1 Roadie. Eventually she would race the NRC circuit and ride several seasons with the Canadian Development team, including 2 stints racing in Europe. I never intended to coach others, but an acquaintance asked for help on the track. He wanted to upgrade and compete at the national level. Sure enough within a year he was going well, won a few state championships, and started training alongside the National team.

After these initial success stories, a few more people inquired about my coaching and training services. I obliged, but also felt compelled to continue my coaching education. I attended more clinics, read more, and earned my Level 2 USAC certification. I also began sponsoring a local racing club -- Ritte Racing.

  Currently, I coach a broad range of individuals, from MTB to Road to Cross to Endurance racing. I also have returned to some level of competition, but mostly at the endurance level. I have competed in the Furnace Creek 508 2x division on 3 separate occasions, and last year (2012) raced the FC 508 as a solo rider.